Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment

If your particular disability is one which requires, or may require, the use of specialized adaptive equipment, Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country can help you out.  We will work with you to determine the least restrictive equipment that will allow you to engage in the sport successfully.  Many of the devices are low tech and can be used temporarily to get you started.

Below is a list of some of the larger pieces of adaptive equipment available to ASPNC for both summer and winter sports.  Most of these items are sit-down devices, designed to enhance mobility and stability while the user participates in sports and recreation. You can look at the list to get an idea of how we help you to get the most from your sporting experience.

Before deciding what would be the best equipment for you, we conduct an assessment of your abilities and goals, and we factor in an evaluation of the terrain you will be experiencing.  Our Executive Director or Equipment Manager will work with you and your family, sharing knowledge and expertise to make the best determination about which equipment would be right for you.

Some of ASPNC’s adaptive equipment:

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