Boccia is a game of strategy and accuracy that anyone can play. Individuals or teams will throw or roll a ball in an attempt to get as close as possible to the "Jack." Whether played one-on-one or as part of a team, this fun and engaging sport will test your skills!  Participants can compete in either Paralympic or Special Olympic's Regional and State games. 

2020 Schedule

Fall: Thursday 11am-12pm at the Dow Field
• All staff/volunteers/participants to be screened prior to starting boccia
• Everyone must stay at socially acceptable distances during boccia
• Any hand on assistance required by the participant will be provided by family or a CI that they are already in regular contact with
• Each Participant will have their own set off boccia balls provided by ASPNC.
• The jack will be thrown by a volunteer while wearing gloves
• Players will only touch their boccia balls
• After playing all boccia equipment will be cleaned

With any questions or to register, please email or call 603.832.5232. Pre registration is required for all activities.