Partner in Possibilities Campaign

In case I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, my name is Thomas Shovlin, and I am the new executive director of Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country (ASPNC). As ASPNC enters its second decade of enriching the quality of life for people with disabilities through year-round opportunities for sports, recreation, and wellness, I could not be more excited and inspired by the work this organization does. I am also humbled by the compassionate and generous people in our communities that give so selflessly to make these possibilities a reality for our participants and their families. I have already felt the strong impact of ASPNC, and I sincerely thank our staff, our volunteers, our participants, and our incredible network of donors for the amazing things they do every day. As one participant put it best, “I had a life-changing experience participating with this program. The volunteers, staff, and community are fabulous. I felt empowered by their energy.” Without the support of each person in our extended community, I fear that ASPNC would not be able to provide these powerful experiences—experiences that we believe are essential for a vibrant, active, and fulfilling life.

Last year, ASPNC provided more than 20 different sport, recreation, and wellness programs for nearly 200 people living—and thriving—with disabilities. The total number of activity sessions topped 1,650! Together, we have enriched their quality of life, and we have helped open their eyes to what is truly possible. It is all thanks to those who support us.

ASPNC strives to impact the lives of as many individuals as we can through our programs and we welcome each participant into our community of kind, fun, and caring people. No one is turned away due to an inability to pay for programs. This year, we are projected to hit $25,000 of waived fees for programming and recreational therapy services.

Our program fees are minimal and on average cover less than 20% of our costs. Even so, a growing number of participants are not able to find resources to pay for activities. Further, budgets of state and national agencies are being cut. Often, one of the first things reduced or eliminated is funding for sports and recreation. This is heartbreaking.

So, on behalf of ASPNC and our participants, I am asking today for your generous investment in our Partners in Possibilities campaign, which will help cover program fees for ASPNC participants. Our goal is to raise $25,000. Please help us reach our goal and share this with others. On the following page, you can see how your donation may be used.

As we begin this new and wonderful spring season, I hope that you will consider joining us as a Partner in Possibilities and help adaptive athletes of all abilities experience the benefit and joy of sports, recreation, and wellness. 

With admiration & appreciation,

Thomas Shovlin
Executive Director

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