Partnership FAQs

Partnership FAQs

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Why is ASPNC a membership organization?

ASPNC is a membership organization because of its commitment to openness.  Through membership, the organization assures that it will be responsive to the needs and concerns of those who have chosen to be its members.

When do members vote?

Members vote at the Annual Meeting and at special meetings called by the Board of Directors.  The Annual meeting takes place in March, or as determined by the Board. The Annual Meeting coincides with our annual “Apres Your Day Celebration” for participants, volunteers, family, friends and community partners.

When do I renew my partnership?

Your partnership runs for one year from the beginning of the month in which you pay your membership and complete your partnership application.

How will I be informed about the time, place and agenda for membership meetings?

You will receive information about the time, place, and agenda for any membership meeting via email or USPS, as appropriate.  The notice for the Annual Meeting is sent 30 days in advance.

Must I be present in person to vote at meetings of the membership?

No.  There are procedures for voting by proxy or by mail.

How do I communicate with the Board of Directors?

For informal communications, the Board of Directors can be contacted via e-mail at  For formal petitions to the Board of Directors, refer to the Bylaws.

Note:  For details and policies about membership, please refer to the BylawsRequires Acrobat.   

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