We’ll Make It Work for You!

If you or a member of your family has a disability, or if you work with a group of individuals with disabilities, you will find that Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country has much to offer.

The North Country of New Hampshire and Vermont is a region of unparalleled natural beauty.  Thousands of people get outdoors to experience and enjoy the recreational opportunities of this area.  There is no reason why a person with a disability cannot take advantage of these opportunities as well.  Adaptive Sports Partners is an organization that knows the region well, and knows how to enable those with disabilities to join in the fun.  A call to ASPNC is all it takes to get started for venturing out into this exciting region.

Check out this video from one of our newest independent skiers.

Adaptive Sports Partners can guide you through the outdoors – on the water or on the trail when the weather is warm.  We can teach you to swim or play tennis or golf.  We can get you on a bike for a ride through Franconia Notch.  Check out the “Outdoors in the Sun” section of this website for further details on warm-weather sports.

Cold weather is not an obstacle at all.  We can teach you to ski or ride down a ski slope.  We can also take you on a cross-country ski or snowshoe trek.  Check out “Outdoors in the Snow” to find out how.

Adaptive Sports Partners can even help you participate in indoor sports; the weather doesn’t matter at all.  We can help you work on your basketball skills or your swimming.  We can get you started on a fitness program that you can work on all year long.  We can even get you involved in the exciting experiences of sled hockey, wheelchair tennis, floor hockey, power soccer, or boccia.  Check out “Indoors All Year Long” to find out more.

Ready to Participate – Please complete our participation form (Click Here).  After we receive that completed form, we will contact you to discuss your possible activities.  We will work with you, or your group, to plan an activity or activities that will meet your needs, challenges, and goals.

When we confirm your activity request and have coordinated a date and time, trained volunteers will provide the instruction and experience helping to ensure fun and success. Equipment when needed is also included. If specialized equipment is needed we will provide that as well, and work with you on any necessary additional adaptations.

Contact us today and we’ll work with you on an adventure of your choosing!