SkKi Trikki

Skki Trikke

ASPNC is excited to announce its latest adaptive equipment purchase, a Trikke Skki!

Trikke Skkis are a new, easy way to carve down ski slopes. But for adaptive skiers it is more than that, the Trikke Skki allows adaptive skiers the ability to have more freedom and control over their skiing experience.  The Skki is equipped with custom, wood-core, shaped skis and generously padded handlebars for ease of control. The skier stands on the decks and uses the handlebar to steer the trike. The 3-points of contact to the snow give the Trikke Skki great stability and the handlebar is added support, giving adaptive skiers more independent mobility.

Our first day out on the snow was with Luke, a local participant. Luke was quickly able to stand on and move the Trikke Skki. Once Luke became more confident on the Trikke Skki, the Skki was tethered and Luke was able to ski more challenging terrain with little assistance!

Several of our volunteers trained with a Skki Trikke trainer and have been having a blast learning about the newest piece of equipment. ASPNC would love to share this experience and new equipment. Please contact us to determine if Trikke Skki skiing is for you!