March 28, 2013

Partner in Possibilities Campaign

We are excited about the start of our spring programs. It’s warm outside and we will begin our biking in and around Franconia Village this afternoon! Our Garden Buddies’ volunteers are beginning plans for the ASPNC garden behind the Franconia Town Hall, and when the Profile School students return from their April break, we will be out at Tamarack Tennis Camp honing tennis skills.  ASPNC is fortunate to be located here in Northern NH where we can joyfully share the natural surroundings and the camaraderie of others, all the while appreciating our beautiful White Mountains.  It is the mission of ASPNC to help individuals of all abilities, living and visiting here, to participate in these and other activities.

Each day, we work with people with a wide variety of abilities helping to enrich their quality of life through participation in activities like hiking and cycling, and a growing list of other sport, recreation, and wellness opportunities provided on a year-round basis through Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country. We consider these services to be essential to quality of life and as such, ASPNC provides services to all who request them regardless of their ability to pay. Program fees on average cover less than 20% of our cost but even so, a growing number of our participants find they do not have the resources to pay.

We are asking today for your support for our Partner in Possibilities Campaign which will help to cover the program fees that we waive. Last year this amounted to over $12,000 and we anticipate this number to top $15,000 by the end of this year. This is how you can help;

Your gift in the amount of . . .

  • $600 – a winter of alpine skiing or snowboarding and a summer of biking.
  • $360 – a winter of alpine skiing or snowboarding
  • $240 – a season of hiking, biking, climbing or kayaking
  • $200 – a season of participation in our newest team sport, Sled Hockey!
  • $100 – participation on one of our competitive sport teams and a team jersey

As we begin this new and wonderful spring season, we hope that you will consider joining me as a Partner in Possibilities, helping adaptive athletes of all ages and all abilities, with a gift of participation, inclusion, and enrichment.

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