The TetraSki represents technology that has finally caught up with our adaptive skier's dreams as it offers independent skiing for people with complex disability. Electronic actuators on the TetraSki provide independent turning and speed variability through the use of a joystick or breath control, allowing the skier limited strength and dexterity to operate the TetraSki safely and with a huge degree of performance and independence.ASPNC is proud to partner with The University of Utah to offer TetraSki lessons in the North East. We have a highly trained staff of instructors available to take you out on a TetraSki session. We would love to get you out on the slopes!

Not sure if it will work for you? Give us a call and we will be happy to talk about the options available to you. Still not sure? Give the TetraSki Simulator a try before you hit the slopes so you have a better understanding of how the skis work.


Lessons available at Cannon Mountain or schedule a lesson at your home mountain. We will need prior notice in order to coordinate with your home mountain and/or adaptive program.
For more information on the TetraSki, please contact
Nate at or 802-922-2006.
For more information on the TetraSki, please visit: