Volunteer Resources

Required Online Training

Please make sure to email completion certificates to info@adaptivesportspartners.org

Required yearly:
         Club Name – Paralympic Sports Club
         Access Code: LQ3F7V67ILZ7GAGZ

Required every 3 years:
 Protective Behaviors – http://www.adaptivesportspartners.org/protectivebehaviors
 Head’s Up Concussion Training – http://www.adaptivesportspartners.org/concussion

Educational Resources

ASPNC YouTube Channel

Move United YouTube Channel
SnowPros (PSIA) YouTube Channel
Navigating the 2020-21 Snowsports Season
PsychArmor YouTube Channel
CDC YouTube Channel

Send any educational resources you think would be beneficial to our volunteers to info@adaptivesportspartners.org and we will continue to build this collection for the benefit of all!