Volunteer Resources

Required Online Training

Please make sure to email completion certificates to info@adaptivesportspartners.org

Required yearly:
         Club Name – Paralympic Sports Club
         Access Code: LQ3F7V67ILZ7GAGZ

Required every 3 years:
 Protective Behaviors – http://www.adaptivesportspartners.org/protectivebehaviors
 Head’s Up Concussion Training – http://www.adaptivesportspartners.org/concussion


New volunteers click here for your membership.
Returning volunteers click here to renew your membership.

Educational Resources

ASPNC YouTube Channel

Move United YouTube Channel
SnowPros (PSIA) YouTube Channel
Navigating the 2020-21 Snowsports Season
PsychArmor YouTube Channel
CDC YouTube Channel

Send any educational resources you think would be beneficial to our volunteers to info@adaptivesportspartners.org and we will continue to build this collection for the benefit of all!