The mission of Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country is to enrich the quality of life for people with disabilities through year-round sport, recreation, and wellness. We seek to enhance the personal development and self-esteem of participants and provide an opportunity to take risks in a safe and supportive environment. We believe that the opportunity to experience the thrill of accomplishment can be a life-affirming experience. We are committed to including the families and friends of our participants, volunteers, partner organizations, and the North Country community in our efforts.

Inspired by Participants
Sustained by Volunteers
Enabled by Partners
501(c)(3) public charity


The organization which came to be known as Adaptive Sports Partners of the North County had its start in August and September of 2009.  A group of fifteen individuals got together and committed to establishing an organization to provide opportunities in sports and recreation for persons with disabilities. They adopted the following principles:

The new organization would work with all disabilities.
It would provide services year-round.
It would focus in a very concentrated way on the North Country of New Hampshire and Vermont.
Its headquarters would not be at a ski area.
It would develop strong working relationships with partner organizations for carrying out its mission.
It would be a membership organization, characterized by openness.

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Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country is committed to working with persons with any kind of disability.  Whether your disability is physical or developmental, or even a combination of both, we want to provide an opportunity for a rewarding sport, recreation, or wellness experience.

The process starts with your contacting us. We ask you to complete a set of materials that provide all relevant information about your situation and your disability. Based on that information and our discussions with you or your caregiver, we will jointly put together a plan for an adaptive experience that will be safe, exciting and fun, both for you and for the volunteers who will work in guiding or instructing you.

If you request a specific sport or activity in which we do not have sufficient expertise or necessary equipment, we will work with you to plan a safe and satisfying experience – either through an alternative activity or through a referral to another adaptive provider.


Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country is proud to be a member of or affiliated with these organizations.

A Special Note on Risk

We attempt to plan sport and recreation experiences that may be a challenge for you. We feel it’s important for a person with a disability to be able to decide to take risks – provided that the activity will take place in an environment that is appropriately supportive. We reserve the right, however, to modify plans for an activity if safety considerations or a combination of risk factors require.