Partners – Cornerstone of ASPNC

We refer to our organization as "Partners." By this, we mean we have entered into relationships with a number of other organizations to carry out our work. Some partner organizations provide venues for sports, recreation, and wellness activities. Currently, we partner with Cannon Mountain Ski Area, Ski Hearth Farm, Profile Junior and Senior High School, White Mountain National Forest, and Haverhill Cooperative Middle School. Other organizations are service-partners, in that they have clients or students with various disabilities, and they work with us to customize programs to meet the needs of those participants. Examples of these arrangements are SAU 35, Northern Human Services, North Country Independent Living, and Life Transition Services. Arrangements with other service partners continue to be developed and formalized.

Still other partnerships involve our relationship with participants themselves, their families, and their caregivers. Another important partnership is that which we have with our volunteers. And of course, we are partnering with our supporters, donors, and sponsors.

"Partner" is one word, but it captures the richness of these many relationships!